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Yo estoy en Bogotá. Yo estoy enferma.

Yesterday started with a 4:30a wake up and a 6:40a flight. 4 hours to Atlanta, 4 hours in the airport, and then 5 hours to Bogota. I spent the day on Mucinex and Flonase, trying not to cough and sneeze on my fellow passengers. The only saving grace was that I had enough points to fly business class and hang out in the first class Delta lounge in Atlanta. I arrived in Bogota at 11p to an empty airport. Not much of an entrance.

I walked outside and found my driver. After a couple of failed communication attempts, we decided a silent car ride was probably best. We drove down the streets of Bogota, and I tried to take in as much as I could. The weather felt nice. No wind and no rain. A night like that in Portland in March and everyone would be walking around without jackets. Not in Bogota. It was obvious that this was cold weather for the people here. I smiled. I could get used to weather like this.

The city seemed a mix of old and new. Old run down buildings with new modern establishments next door. A three story, glass fronted, "Super Bowling"center caught my eye. The city didn't appear to be necessarily clean. Garbage set out on the curb spilled onto the the streets. Nicely dressed Colombians walked down the street past poor bums in rags. We turned down a small side street and parked in front of what can only be described as the only nice place on the block. The apartment building I am staying in has a high fence and 24/7 security. I was brought up to the second floor and to my modern studio apartment. I unpacked my belongings, sick and tired, and went to bed.

I woke up this "morning" at 1:30p Bogota time. Still sick. Tonight is the welcome party for We Roam, the group of remote workers I am traveling with, but I will not make it. I'm here in bed, hoping that one more night of good sleep and i'll be ready to explore the town tomorrow.


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