Sick day stroll

Principal highways are closed to cars and open to cyclists from 7a-2p on Sundays and holidays in Bogota. This event is called "Ciclovia" and encourages people to ride their bikes to enjoy the city, as well as exercise. I woke up at 10a (7a back in PDX), my nose stuffed, throat raw, and chest still heavy with congestion. I was not going to take part in the Ciclovia today. I rolled over and moaned. I was really hoping I'd feel better today.

I ate the banana I had saved from the Atlanta airport and figured I needed to at least go get some groceries. A long hot shower felt good on my sinuses. I got dressed and left the apartment.

For an overcast day the weather was still quite lovely. A sleeveless shirt and a jean jacket were more than adequate. The air was still and warm. I passed a large 24 hour supermarket on a main busy road, found an ATM and withdrew some Colombian pesos, and took a stroll towards the mountains.

On the way home I stopped at the 24hr market. It was very similar to most of the markets back home, except of course that the eggs weren't refrigerated.

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