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In a way, today felt like the first day at a new job. I had a new commute, new office mates, and a new morning routine. The co-working space, called AtomHouse, is super cool. It's kind of a start-up incubator. The energy reminded me a lot of the energy in SF. Young people, excited, huddled in rooms, hunched over laptops... There are 3 conference rooms we can book for meetings and I sat down and reserved a room for all of my meetings this week.

The first floor at AtomHouse is reserved for Roamers (what they call people in the We Roam program). Most of them have been with the group since Jan. 1, so it's a bit tough to join a group that is already established. My mind is a blur with all of the introductions. It's ok, there will be time to solidify relationships.

I started my work day at 10a COT (Colombia time) and there was already some chatter on Slack (our chat room/instant messaging software) about snow in Portland. The familiarity of it all gave me a sense of grounding.

10a in Bogota meant 7a in PDX and I had 2 hours to get work done for one of my project managers before the official work day even started. At 8:22a PST I was done and sent the work over to her.

Overall I felt extremely productive on my first day of remote work. I felt energized and inspired by my new surroundings. Tomorrow I am going to a coffee cupping (or tasting) before work, and I've taken advantage on a discount through We Roam to start with private Spanish lessons tomorrow after work. I've been here three days and things are starting to settle into place. I'm excited for the future.

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