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On work, life, and following your passion

I got some bad news yesterday. The HR department for the company I am working for is unwilling to bend on giving me more than 30 days out of the country as a remote worker. (for the record: I had 90 days of travel planned before I left and had gained support for working remote from every single co-worker I have a direct working relationship with (including my boss and the CEO of the company). My job can be done from anywhere on a laptop where I have an internet connection and I have great support in the form of work logistics from We Roam.) This left me in the position of either sacrificing my 90 day travel plans for my job, or quitting my job and seeing my plans through. It wasn't a hard choice for me, and I am standing firm on what I see as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I know my mom is going to flip out (sorry if you're reading this right now, mom. I didn't want to tell you because I know you will worry too much. I'm going to be fine, I promise). And I have a feeling much of the older generation isn't going to understand my decision. I watched my parents work to live and live to work. These days life is much more about balance for a lot of people. We only live one life and I don't want to be too old to travel looking back and wishing I had done this when I was young enough to make it work.

So that's it. I will finish up my 30 day allowance to work internationally on April 6th (the day before my birthday, coincidence?) and set forth on a new adventure. I am looking forward to what the future has in store for me and I know I will land on my feet. I'm a natural at the art of falling.

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