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Refocusing in Barcelona

When I left my home in Portland, OR two months ago, I knew my professional future was uncertain. Although I had approval from my manager and others to work remote, the parent company of my employer didn't like the idea of a remote employee for 3 months. So I resigned. (If you want to know more, you can read about it here.)

After my last day of work in April I took a few weeks off. I worked on my new portfolio website, took a trip to the desert, took on a small freelance gig, and explored Morocco at my leisure. I thought a lot about the type of work I want to do moving forward.

Yesterday I arrived in Barcelona, and it feels like the perfect time to refocus my job search effort. We Roam has set us up with a lovely workspace at Cloud Co-working which helps immensely. Having a dedicated space in a new and exciting city is motivating and inspiring.

After living in an old (yet very authentic) riad in Rabat last month, my new studio apartment (with reliable internet, weekly cleanings, rooftop pool, and my own kitchen) feels luxurious. The prayer calls have been replaced by the buzz of the city, the tagines with tapas, and the biggest challenge of my night will no longer be finding a place that sells wine! So here's to a month in Barcelona, I'm looking forward to it.

Here are a few views from the workspace.

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